40 days 4 criollos and silence


06 December 2021  |  Sports and leisure, Culture

40 days 4 criollos and silence

40 days 4 criollos et du silence is the latest documentary by Jean François Pignon, famous French horse trainer. He left for Patagonia in the campo of Florent Pagny in order to break out 4 horses never before approached by man.

The Pure France team had the chance to attend the film debate.

Jean François Pignon

Jean François Pignon is a self-taught horse trainer.

As a child, his father bought a filly named Gazelle which turned the life of little Jean François upside down. He spends hours in her company, observing her. A great bond is then born.

Jean François grew up and decided to live a passion and work in the horse industry. He sets up a troop of equestrian spectators with his brother Frédéric.

Since then Jean François still works in the equestrian show in France and abroad. In 2007, he took part in the filming of the film Danse avec lui as a trainer of the horses in the filming.

In 2009, he co-wrote with his wife the book "Un chemin vers la liberté", an art book which traces his history and deals with his method in the training of horses.

In 2011, Jean François directed the film "Gazelle", an autobiographical film.

The documentary

40 jours, 4 criollos et du silence is a documentary which deals with the breaking of 4 wild horses belonging to Florent Pagny.

Based in Patagonia, Florent Pagny owns a camp where horses are used by gauchos.

4 horses which had not been approached by the man.

The documentary follows Jean François for 40 days, a period he had set at the start.

The approach of the horses takes place in a completely open environment, free in nature near the campo. Jean François does not use a classic method, Jean François, with his experience, speaks "horse" and acts like a horse.

It is very interesting to see how throughout the documentary the trainer never used the voice. Simply gestures and the gaze. This explains the title "40 days 4 criollos and silence".

Jean François did not hesitate not to cut "his mistakes" in the editing and shows his experience with an open heart.

A documentary that will fascinate both informed and novice audiences.


Find the latest news from Jean François Pignon on his website: https://www.jfpignon.com

40 days 4 criollos and silence


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