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12 January 2022  |  Culture, Yoga, Wellness

Asana, journey to the heart of Colette Poggi's postures

Colette Poggi is a philosopher, Indianist and Sanskritist. She teaches Indian thought in many university centers and yoga training schools and is a specialist in Kashmir Shaivism.

In the book Asana, Colette Poggi leads us to think and live in conscience. Everything is consciousness. Yoga goes far beyond postural practice.

For Christian Pisano yoga is the study of one's own spatiality as consciousness.

The postural practice is only folklore if it remains only on the surface. Yoga reveals consciousness. Awareness of oneself, of others, of nature, of one's actions.

The Asana: a posture yes but above all a different way of posing in existence

Colette Poggi

Colette Poggi opens the doors of consciousness to us with a lot of humility in writing and the desire to transmit and share.

It all starts with a suspense, an in-between: moving from a frantic pace to the flavor of the moment. How wonderful is the idea of ​​sitting down, of suspending the outward movement, and of returning, without waiting, the gaze inward.

During a walk along the river, the gaze is suddenly captivated by the spinning of a leaf which has just landed on the surface of the water. For a moment, we are just that look, we pose. Perhaps the gaze, the mind, is still looking for an object to grasp, but very quickly it finds itself magnetized by the depths and plunges into the dance of seaweed and fish.

Sometimes the journey does not stop there, another dimension is revealed: the gaze naturally detaches from the shapes to discover, at will, the sky mirroring in the water. In fact, a swan plunges its neck into the river, in search of passing clouds. In this small space at least three dimensions are intertwined. The surface of the water, the depth of the river and the infinity of the sky.

The same goes for yoga: we go from an experience of form (movement, posture) to a deeper feeling where the body does not seem to stop at the surface of the skin. In this immersion, if only for a few moments, everyone emerges soothed and rejuvenated, connected to the breath. Ready to continue the dance of life, in all its variety.

Colette Poggi

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