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31 October 2022  |  Recipes

Halloween recipe, energizing mini pumpkins

For Halloween, the tradition is to distribute candies of all kinds to children. Pure France liked this recipe for energizing mini pumpkins. An aesthetic candy that is easy to make with the family. Allow 30 minutes for preparation. Ingredients

- 100g pitted dates - 80g butternut squash puree - 100g rolled oats - 1 teaspoon of natural liquid vanilla extract - ½ teaspoon of cinnamon - 2 orange sugar pastes - 1 green sugar paste - A wooden aperitif stick Preparation

1. Pour dates, pumpkin purée, oatmeal, natural liquid vanilla extract and cinnamon into a blender 2. Mix until you get a smooth paste.

(If the dough is too liquid add a little oatmeal. If it is too dry, add a little mashed potatoes) 3. Form balls the size of a walnut and give the shape of a pumpkin. 4. Make small balls of orange sugar paste and spread them thinly. 5. Wrap the balls in the small orange sugar pastes. 6. Pumpkin effect: with the body of the wood pick create the streaks of the pumpkin. With the handle of a spoon create a small hollow on the top of the pumpkin. Take some green sugarpaste and create the tail of the pumpkin on top. Brush the base of the tail with water to secure it to the pumpkin. Enjoy! Extract from the site:

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