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07 August 2021  |  Made in France

Haviland, Limoges porcelain since 1842

Since 1842, the porcelain factory has been a victim of its success by transmitting know-how to Limoges while combining tradition and modernity.

The alliance of art, luxury and porcelain


 © Haviland 

At Haviland, the success of not inventing, History is not written, they are made with passion day by day in order to continue to write the legend.

Haviland knew how to combine the requirements of modernism with craftsmanship. All the creations are made by hand by highly qualified craftsmen.

The main components of porcelain paste are kaolin, feldspar and quartz, which are crushed and mixed with water for several hours.

Manufacturing takes place in several stages:

  • Calibration

  • Casting

  • Pressing

  • The filling

  • Finishing

  • The cooking

  • The mesh

  • Cooking "big fire"

Can be added decorations, such as chromolithography, serigraphy (printing technique which uses silk screens interposed between the ink and the support in order to print colors composed of mineral and vegetable pigments).

The products:

And why not equip your house with Haviland? Luxury, craftsmanship, modernism and Made in France united in a factory.

Including plates, dishes, knives, accessories, vases, candles, or other decorative objects for the home. We invite you to discover their products in more detail from their website: https://www.haviland.fr/la-table/les-collections/collection-heritage/

The collections:

You will find on the website the different collections available to you, with various styles that highlight the exceptional craftsmanship made by hand. With long hours of work required for the creation of these wonders.

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