Healthy juice

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25 April 2022  |  Recipes

Juice to enjoy by the pool

The beautiful days are here!

Who doesn't dream of enjoying a good fresh juice with your feet in your private swimming pool...

Have you rented one of our villas with private pool in France? This is an opportunity to taste a homemade juice or cocktail.

Do you prefer healthy, detox, energizing or good-looking juices? There will be something for everyone!

A good-looking juice

Ingredients (for a large glass): – 2 stalks of celery – 1 cucumber – 3 carrots – 2 tomatoes – 25 g of parsley

Healthy glow effect guaranteed! More than to enjoy on a deckchair by your private pool.

Healthy juice

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The Energizing Juice

Ingredients (for a large glass): – 2 apples (prefer the Granny Smith because it is the less sweet variety.) – ½ cucumber – ⅓ pineapple – 1 handful of spinach – 2 lemons

To be enjoyed fresh!

Healthy Juice

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Healthy juice

Ingredients (for a large glass): – 2 apples – 2 stalks of celery – 3 handfuls of kale| – 1 lemon

It will accompany you throughout the day.

Juice at the pool

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So? Fancy a vacation?

If you haven't booked yet, now is the time! Find all our properties with private pool on Pure France.

Private heated pool in corsica

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