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03 February 2022  |  Yoga, Wellness

L'espace Ô de Ma bulle en santé in Toulouse

The space O

The space consists of a Sensory Bubble (floatation pool), a sauna and a Hammam. The Sensory Bubble is a pool with the salinity of the Dead Sea which allows the body to feel weightless. The light in the room can be turned off completely. Thus immersed in total darkness, sensory acuity leads to letting go and vice versa. The effects are felt both physically and mentally. On the one hand, it improves muscle recovery and reduces chronic pain. On the other hand, it reduces stress, increases the ability to concentrate, the quality of sleep, helps with visualization and learning and finally stimulates creativity.

Hamman is moist heat. It cleanses the skin which makes it softer, eliminates toxins, allows better blood circulation if it is coupled with a cold shower on leaving, helps to prevent aches after exercise and finally clears the airways with a diffusion of eucalyptus essential oil.

The Sauna is a dry heat. Coupled with cold showers, it stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress, also helps cleanse the skin and helps reduce joint pain and other rheumatism.

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L'Espace Ô De Ma Bulle 95 bis Allee Charles de Fitte 31300 TOULOUSE More info:

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