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02 March 2021  |  Holidays

Loft du Vigneron inside out - Part 2

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space. The next instalment from owner of Loft du Vigneron on creating the wonder terrace at his holiday rental village house in the Languedoc.

The stunning terrace of the Loft du Vigneron was the perfect place to create a beautiful outdoor living space in which to relax and slip down a gear or two. Not only to while-away long summer days, but to enjoy long balmy evenings watching cobalt blue Languedocienne skies turn pink as dusk sets in and then into a star-studded inky blue sky as nighttime follows. The lack of air pollution makes the sky so clear you feel as if you can reach up and touch the stars.

A beautiful outdoor living space

The terrace provides over forty square meters of open and covered living space; stone walls, arched balconies and a magnificent opening in the roof floods the terrace with a very special quality of light that changes from the time you share breakfast around the dining table to after dinner nightcaps at the lounge at the other end of the terrace.

Despite its village location, there are many times throughout the day when the only sound to be heard is a popping cork and the fizzing of bubbles as a bottle of something chilled and sparkling is poured. At other times of the day the silence can be broken by cicadas chirruping in the heat of the day, or the swooshing of swallows as they swoop down in formation across the pool for a drink as the sun sets over the Languedoc.

Whilst we agonised over the restful neutrals scheme inside the Loft du Vigneron Farrow and Ball's Elephant's Breath and Skimming Stone won out, complemented by tones of on-trend French greige, bleached wood and concrete) it was far easier to style the terrace. An abundance of natural textures including locally-quarried stone walls, oak beams so long and wide it's unfathomable to ever think of them as trees, barn-sawn wooden facias and terracotta Roman roof tiles all conspired with the natural softness of the Mediterranean park beyond the terrace.

This space demanded a simpler scheme that allows its natural qualities to speak for themselves. Evergreen planting to soften the stone, huge mirrors to reflect endless sunny days, and lots of ambient lamps to light up the corners and create that special intimate lighting to make the nights last even longer.

Full detail property of Loft du Vigneron here.

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Russell Secker

I am the property owner of Loft du Vigneron in Rieux-Minervois, Aude, France.

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