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24 July 2021  |  Made in France

Sound of the sea

Waterfall Audio, established in 1996 and 'Made in France'. A designer of hand-made transparent glass loudspeakers made in Carcés in the middle of Provence, France.

Waterfall Audio Iguascu

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Waterfall Audio 'Iguascu'

  • Not unlike a special piece of jewellery Iguascu makes your home a jewel.

  • Final assembly by hand in France.

Waterfall Audio Victoria Evo

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Waterfall Audio 'Victoria Evo'

  • 8 hours of hand assembly in our factory in the South of France.

  • Let your living room be transformed into a concert hall.

Waterfall Audio Niagara

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Waterfall Audio 'Niagara'

  • A masterpiece of cutting and assembly techniques and manufactured in France.

  • The Niagara tweeter goes through 4 hours of assembly by hand in our factory in Carcès, South of France.

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