Paul Mirabel

 Paul Mirabel 

03 March 2023  |  Culture

The humor of Paul Mirabel

The humor of Paul Mirabel

Paul Mirabel is from the South of France, Montpellier in his childhood.

He went to Paris to study, obtained a Master's degree in commerce and studied for 2 years at Cours Florent. The desire to become a comedian, Paul Mirabel quickly won several prizes: in 2018 final of the Campus Comedy Tour prize which elects "the funniest student in France" and in 2019 The Best of humor and the grand prize of the festival of humor in Paris.

He then joined the Djamel Comedy Club. In 2021 he staged his first show Zèbre at La Petite Loge in Paris then produced it in various theatres, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point then at the Splendid. In 2022, it is played at the Olympia and in March 2023 it is expected at the Grand Rex.

Paul Mirabel became known to a wider audience thanks to his sketch "I got racketeer" which he performed at the Montreux Comedy Festival.

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