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30 November 2021  |  Bakeries, Patisseries, Recipes

The recipe for French toast

History of French toast

The origin of French toast dates back to the 1st century BC under the Roman Empire.

The recipe is not called French toast but it is the use of the same ingredients.

The name "lost bread" dates from the 15th century but remains a donut of bread.

The sweet accompaniment appears in the 17th century.

The use of stale bread made it a poor man's dish which nevertheless made its way to the table of King Henry IV. Legend has it that the King was very fond of French toast.

The famous French toast is exported to the world in particular to Great Britain under the name of French Bread. Not a tribute to the origin of the recipe but in Old Irish "French" means "sliced".



  • 25 cl de lait

  • 75g cane sugar

  • 3 eggs

  • thick slices of bread


In a bowl, add the milk, sugar and eggs. Whisk everything.

Soak the slices of bread, let them soak.

In a frying pan, let the butter melt and place the slices of bread for baking.

When the bread is golden, it is ready.


You can enjoy your French toast with sugar, jam, chestnut cream or any other desire of your choice. Enjoy!

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