The Yellow Train

23 May 2021  |  Tourism

The Yellow Train - a spectacular railway journey in the Pyrenees

Here’s a great trip for all ages. The yellow train (Le Train Jaune) runs from Villefranche de Conflent to Latour de Carol, high up in the Pyrenees (1,232m) It’s a spectacular journey over 63 kilometres that takes three hours to reach its destination.

In the early twentieth century, the railway line carrying the famous Yellow Train was built to link the high Catalan plateaux to the rest of the region. Work began in 1903 and by 1910 connected Villefranche-de-Conflent to Mont-Louis. The final stretch was completed in 1927 reaching Latour-de-Carol.

The Yellow Train

The line runs all year round, serving 22 different stations. During the summer season, there are open carriages to ride in. The track passes through nineteen tunnels as well as passing over numerous bridges and viaducts. The most spectacular part of the route is the section from the start at Villefranche, up as far as the small town and ski-resort area of Odeillo – Font-Romeu. Hugging the sides of the deep valley of the Tet, the line winds up between forests, chasms and gushing streams. From the start up as far Mont Louis, near the summit, passengers are treated to spectacular views of the rocky mountainous scenery, including villages, two historic fortresses, and a precariously perched old hermitage.

The Yellow Train

SPECIAL PRICES 2021 Yellow Train tickets are on special offer this summer at just €5 per trip (€10 return). Book online here using Villeneuve-Vernet-les-bains as departure stattion and Latour de Carol as the arrival station.

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