Yoga teacher training with Patrick Frapeau

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05 September 2021  |  Yoga, Wellness

Yoga Vinyasa 200H Teacher Training Course by Patrick Frapeau

Do you dream of becoming a yoga teacher?

Faced with the plethora of training courses offered, Pure France enthusiastically recommends quality 200-hour Teacher Training Course in Vinyasa by Patrick Frapeau.

The training takes place in Paris over several weekends from September 2021 to May 2022.

Patrick Frapeau is an experienced teacher and will transmit to you beyond the postural techniques obviously discussed, the essence of yoga. Joy, its aestheticism in the etymological sense of the term, that is to say the feeling and the consciousness which little by little without seeking anything becomes more and more present. Yoga is a life path that goes far beyond the mat.

Yoga makes you very conscious, very lucid, very sensitive, very vulnerable.
You get stronger because you get closer to your vulnerability.
It is a path to his vulnerability.
We don't put on armor, we take off the armor.

Patrick Frapeau interviewed by Elodie Garamond, founder of Le Tigre, famous Parisian yoga studio

More information:

Vinyasa yoga training with Patrick Frapeau (200h Teacher Training Course)

Yoga teacher training in Paris


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