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Our guide to Charente's capital

The Charente’s capital is Angoulême which is perched on a rocky spur overlooking its wide domain of the River Charente and urban sprawl. Its massive fortifications and ramparts are a visible legacy of its rich and tumultuous history. To visit Angoulême head up the hill to the centre ville and park in the underground carpark, then meander through the old town with its winding streets of art galleries and restaurants, and its huge famous comic book character murals, a testament to its world renowned comic book festival. The Circuit des Remparts is a classic car race that takes place through the narrow streets every year and definitely worth a visit!
Sights to see in Angoulême include the dramatic 12th century Cathédrale Saint-Pierre d'Angoulême. (It has a rather amusing and self-deprecating guide book bemoaning some of the later additions to its architecture). The Museum of Angoulême displays items from the cities deep and diverse history. There’s a museum of comic books and Les Bateaux Rouges for a boat trip along the Charente.
Don’t miss... Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

Article written by James Wignall, author of the Family Travel Journal,
Photo by Pamela Smith,

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Travel guide to Angouleme in the Charente region of France

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