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350 year old renovated country home to rent, combines old and new interior design in South West France

The 350 year old Le Presbytère features many authentic details like the original fireplaces, high ceilings with traditional oak beams and in most of the rooms the original wooden and tile floors.

This typical 17th century Perigordian manor house has a warm atmosphere. In order to support that atmosphere some robust antiques have been added, but lightened up with art from all over the world as well as modern design to create a surprisingly eclectic interior where everybody feels at home.

Four brand new bathrooms have been installed combining modern fittings with natural wood and stone. The new kitchen is a hand crafted custom built Chalon kitchen, featuring a Lacanche range cooker.

The property lies in the countryside next to small bastides. Therefore a timeless homely design has been chosen to ensure the property fits in with its surroundings.

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