Château Monjardin in the Loire Valley

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How to make your holiday rental house a home

Château Monjardin is located in the Western Loire Valley. This historic 16th Century fortified manor house sets the stage for a what could be a very memorable week or more.

Here, the owner offers some tips on how to make yourself feel at home in this beautiful holiday rental château...

"Just because you are renting a house doesn't mean you can't add personal touches. Bring along family pictures and place them on tables or dressers, this makes a space intimate and private.
Fresh flowers are abundant all over France, arranging them in one or more rooms, gives you an elegant option to any space.
Easy entertaining can be found when visiting one of the many markets (marché) you will find all over the area. I suggest gathering baskets of fresh vegetables, homemade cheese, prepared chicken and paté, sausages and breads. Elegantly display them on platters and bowls and in less time it takes to cook a rotisserie chicken you will have a feast!
We place furniture in the garden, because the summer days are long. Entertain outside, enjoy meals or drinks under the trees. Make the most of your time and make every second count!"

Château Monjardin sleeps 8 in 5 bedrooms, with 4 bathrooms and has a private pool and large garden.

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Make your holiday rental house feel like a home

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