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Inside Out - Part 1

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Creating the Loft du Vigneron

Back in the not-so-sunny UK we slavishly followed the trend to create a beautiful outdoor living space in the courtyard of a Warwickshire barn conversion. Lounging, dining, partying and barbecue-ing were all on the menu of our precious downtime - a perfect way to unwind. A space to kick back and chill with family and friends. Well, maybe just the friends.

The garden was redesigned, the furniture was chosen and it was all topped off with a vast fuchsia parasol to shade us from the sun like a cherry on the top of a sundae (or should that be sun-day?). British summers being what they are, the parasol doubled-up as an oversized brolly to protect us from the rain, wind and even hailstones!

People ask what we miss about living in the UK. It's certainly not the summers, when, by a cruel twist of fate, that rare day of beautiful weather clashes with other commitments that means that the courtyard creation turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Never mind, it looked lovely in the photographs when we sold up, and our buyer would be able to dream of equally wonderful weekends. Being kind and considerate we left the over-sized brolly - just in case!

The sun shines for more than three hundred days every year in Languedoc, where long summers begin in the springtime and don't end until the autumn has passed and where Christmas lunches can often be celebrated outdoors in the warm winter sunshine. The beautiful Languedoc climate provides terraces, balconies and pool-sides with endless possibilities to create the additional outdoor spaces we all crave to enjoy long summer days and where we can create happy memories with families and friends.

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