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Inside Out - Part 3

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The naked stone restorer

A few candles flickering in the evening breeze add a frisson of romance to the evening. A burst of turquoise in all the new upholstery screams "South of France" and adds a soupçon of glamour to the otherwise rustic chic of the Loft du Vigneron. Style gurus may call this a "juxtaposition", but guests just call it "beautiful".

When we acquired the Domaine the walls of the terrace were not quite so exposed. The French style, when restoring a wall of this type, is to brush the mortar across the pieces of stone, so that the whole wall takes on the colour of the mortar, albeit with a rather bumpy quality. We knew that the regional stone had both interesting colour tones and markings and thought it was too characterful to hide and so it was decided that the brushed mortar should be removed, thus exposing the local stone. The stone was not the only thing to be exposed...

The task was undertaken using a pressure-washer to erase the mortar on a stone-by-stone basis. It was a long job and took over a week; not only was it long, but was wet. Very wet. In fact it was drenching, and therefore far easier to do the task unencumbered of clothes, with the exception of anti-slip boots and lashings of Factor 50 (Health & Safety duly observed, or 'Santé et Sécurité' as it's known in France).

First there was the Naked Chef; then there was the Naked Stone Restorer. Strange, but true. Thankfully, the terrace enjoys a good deal of privacy and no locals were offended in the process.

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