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Restaurants in Collioure

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Restaurant recommendations in Collioure

Being so close to Spain and with a strong Catalan influence you will find the cuisine in Collioure has a different feel to the rest of France.

There are many tapas restaurants, and unsurprisingly quality seafood features heavily on menus.

Some of our favourite restaurants:-

Le Neptune
Route de Port-Vendres
Gourmet restaurant with one of the best views of Collioure. Nice staff and delicious cooking.

3, Place Jean Jaures
Good selection of seafood dishes and tapas, well presented. Friendly and nice ambiance.

Restaurant La Balette
Route de Port Vendres
Where to head if you feel like splashing out. Michelin starred restaurant with sea views. Lunch menu is good value.

18, rue Riere
Small lively tapas bar with local feel and friendly staff serving regional specialities.

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Restaurants in Collioure

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