Château de Beynac near Beynac-et-Cazenac

Château de Beynac


Positioned 150 metres above the Dordogne River, Château de Beynac is a 12th century fortress situated near Beynac-et-Cazenac in the Périgord, one of the most beautiful villages in France.

The castle state rooms once hosted King Richard I 'the Lion-Heart' of England, Simon de Montfort, leader of one of the crusades, the Lords of Beynac and the four baronneries of Périgord.

Situated above the picturesque village of Beynac, Château de Beynac was once one of the most powerful fortresses along the Dordogne River, commanding control of the movement along the Dordogne River, dating back almost 1,000 years.

Today visitors can explore Château de Beynac, its keep, a room heavily fortified and a safe house during conflict. A guard room, a stateroom, the oratory with its walls covered in paintings of the Last Supper of Christ, a 17th century renaissance staircase with Italian influences and 17th century salons decorated with wooden panels on its walls and ceilings along with a walnut fireplace adorned the Beynac blazon consisting of red and gold stripes.

The state room takes its name from the four Barons of Périgord, Bourdeille, Biron, Beynac and Mereuille that originally met for meetings in this room.

Its five point terrace offers visitors panoramic views of the surrounding French countryside and views of the Dordogne River, far below.

The kitchens of Château de Beynac consist of a grand fireplace where bread and meat would be prepared and cooked with hooks high on the walls to hang produce to avoid it being eating by rats.

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Château de Beynac situated 150 metres above the Dordogne River

Château de Beynac situated 150 metres above the Dordogne River

State room in Château de Beynac

State room in Château de Beynac

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