Carcassonne new town on market day

The New Town in Carcassonne

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Here's what to see in the 'Ville Basse' of Carcassonne

The lower town (Ville Basse) or 'new town' is where you head to return to the modern world, although there are still buildings dating back to medieval times.

There is a more cosmopolitan feel with a charming main square and selection of cafes and bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques as well as museums and galleries. If you are looking for a bit of lively nightlife in Carcassonne there are two Irish bars; The Celt Pub and O'Sheridans.

Stock up on regional delicacies at the market, held on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. The free Museum of fine art musee des beaux arts) is well worth a visit with a permanent collection of 19th century works and changing temporary exhibitions.

The walk from the citadel to the new town across the foot bridge offers some of the best views back to the medieval fortress, so have your camera at the ready.

The new town has all the amenities you would need if you were looking to purchase property in the area (banks, tax office, shops etc).

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Guide to Carcassonne New town or 'Ville Basse'

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