Château Perpezac in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Discover how a dream came true at Château Perpezac

Tradition tells that, at the end of the 18th century, Colonel (Gustave) Adolphe Gerhardt (1824-1915) and his troops were travelling through the Corrèze. They also passed the region of L'Yssandonnais including Perpezac-le-Blanc. He was instantly impressed by the beauty of the scenery and had is troops encamp for months in-between Brignac-la-Plaine and Yssandon, up against the sloping hills of Le Bois Noir.

On June 29, 1867, at the age of 43, he married 21-year-younger Blanche Cecile Green de Saint-Marsault, who lived at Château du Puy on the hills of Perpezac-le-Blanc.

Immediately after his retirement in the year 1891, the colonel Gerhardt bought the family Etienne Dellac's farm and the farming fields and started the construction of a château, completely in the style of the Renaissance. In 1892 the excavation of the cellars started, together with the construction of the château The construction lasted four years and the château was completed at the end of the year 1895.

Not only the castle was built, but the Waggoner's house and the farmhouse with horse stables and cowsheds were extended. During the construction of the château, Colonel Adolphe Gerhardt and his wife lived in the purchased farmhouse.

After the colonel passed away in 1915, his son Louis Gerhardt inherited the property with the château. In between 1927 and 1937 Louis Gerhardt sold all of the property, piece by piece, such as the houses, the farmhouse, the farming fields and finally the château as well. In 1937 the château with its park was bought by Monsieur Robert Chantalat (1904-1980) a well-known regional novel writer, of the aged of 33, with his wife and children. The Chantalat family lived in Paris and used their new property mainly as a summer residence. In 1941 he wrote the novel 'Bernard de Ventadour, troubadour du XIIe siècle' at the château.

The château stayed in this family's possession for almost 40 years, and in March of 1976 monsieur and Madame Bouissou bought the property of the heiresses of the deceased regional novel author Robert Chantalat. In that period, the Bouissou family have largely made habitable the château again, after which it was sold to the French antiquarian Monsieur Jacques Charpin and his partner in 1988. They fully furbished and decorated the château with antique furniture, paintings and carpets, all to be sold. After the death of Monsieur Jacques Charpin in 2004, his partner was forced to sell the château.

In four years, the château was completely renovated and restored...

In 2006 the château was purchased by the current owners Henriëtte and Hendrikus van Ampting. In four years, the château was completely renovated and restored. They have made their dream come true and transformed Discover how a dream has come true at Château Perpezac into a luxury stay for groups who rent the château for summer vacations.

Château Perpezac in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Château Perpezac in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Dining room in Château Perpezac

Dining room in Château Perpezac

Dining room in Château Perpezac

Dining room in Château Perpezac

Kitchen in Château Perpezac

Kitchen in Château Perpezac

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