La Pizza a Cresci in Cannes

Restaurants in Cannes

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Restaurant guide to the city of Cannes, bistros, seafood restaurants and up market establishments

There are hundreds of restaurants in Cannes. Where to start? It's a good idea to head to an area where there are lots to choose from so you can make your own mind up.

Le Suquet is the street that winds down to the harbour. The atmosphere at night is fantastic. The terraces of the bars and restaurants are hugely busy. Take your pick.

Lots of bistros and seafood restaurants on the side of Cannes harbour (Quai Saint-Pierre) and more just along on Rue Felix Fauré. There is a nice, chic area with a good atmosphere in the summer from bars and restaurants on Rue Commandant André and its side streets. Rue Hoche has some good Italian restaurants.

Restaurants in Cannes

La Pizza Cresci
3 Quai Saint-Pierre, Cannes
Italian restaurant, cosy, casual and good for kids. Views towards the Palais des Festivals

New York, New York
1 Allée de la Liberté Charles de Gaulle.
(just past the bandstand and McDonalds under the Splendid Hotel by the boules pitches by Rue Felix Fauré.)
Chic crowd, good service and food. Usually very busy.

Le Pastis
28 Rue du Commandant André, Cannes
Funky, old-bistro style. Sidewalk tables or inside. Good atmosphere, good food and service.
Nice to walk home along the Croisette at night after dinner.

Gaston Gastounette
6-7 quai Saint-Pierre, Cannes
Probably the best restaurant in town after the 5 star hotel restaurants. Quite formal, reasonably priced.
Exceptional service and great food. Nice location overlooking the harbour.

Coquillages Brun
27 Rue Félix Faure, Cannes (just down from the market)
Best seafood in town.

La Brouette de Grand' Mère
R9 bis Rue Oran, Cannes
Lovely terrace and equally lovely interior.
Look it up online so you know what to expect. Inclusive menu comes with wine which makes it very reasonable, and fizzy white aperitif…and vodka shot. Excellent food and friendly service.

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Restaurants in Cannes

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