Coquillages Béziers

Béziers shellfish kiosk

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Sample the regions best fresh shellfish in the heart of Béziers

Serving local oysters, fresh crab, mussels and prawns, this is a shellfish lovers paradise.

The 'Cristal' restaurant, opposite the kiosk, allows you to order your shellfish straight from the kiosk and it is prepared and served at your table to be enjoyed relaxing in the leafy shade.

Located at the end of Béziers' attractive tree lined main boulevard, Boulevard Jean Jaurès, and next to an underground public car park it is very easy to get to.

Order your selection and pair with a local rosé or a dry white wine, then have a stroll down the boulevard and explore the old streets of the historic city of Béziers.

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Fresh shellfish and oysters in Béziers

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