Narbonne cathedral

Narbonne Cathedral

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Visit the unfinished cathedral Saint-Just and Saint-Pasteur in Narbonne.

The cathedral of Saint-Just and Saint-Pasteur in Narbonne is open to the public every day.

In 1313 the first stone was placed on the site of the gothic cathedral, but it has never actually been finished!

You would never know from looking at the grand exterior but walk around the back of the cathedral and you will see the walls standing of an unfinished section which was halted when funds ran out.

During the Middle Ages the cathedral was located near the city wall but today it is situated in the heart of the present city of Narbonne.

In Narbonne's main square, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, the cathedral makes for a lovely view while sipping coffee in one of the many surrounding pavement cafes.

Narbonne cathedral opening times

There are several car parks in the centre of Narbonne, including a free car park by the canal on Quai Victor Hugo.

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Narbonne Cathedral

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