Nimes Arena

Nîmes amphitheatre

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Step back in time at the Arènes de Nîmes

Nîmes amphitheatre is a wonderful place to visit and recommended is the audio tour to get the most out of the visit and to learn more about the arena's gory and fascinating past.

Nîmes amphitheatre features

Nîmes amphitheatre events

Nîmes arena holds events throughout the year. There is an international music festival held with concerts in the Roman amphitheatre every summer featuring world famous bands and artists.

The Great Roman Games (Grands jeux romains) are not to be missed. Over 3 days in April and May the 'Roman Games' are recreated in spectacular style by more than 500 participants in full Roman costume.

Nîmes amphitheatre entry fees

Nîmes amphitheatre opening times

Open every day (except during the feria)

Nîmes amphitheatre address

Boulevard des Arènes, 30000, Nîmes, France
(Underground car park near Nîmes arena on Boulevard de Bruxelles)
TEL: +33 4 66 21 82 56

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Nîmes Arena, Roman amphitheatre

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