Brantôme Abbey in Dordogne

Brantôme Abbey in the Dordogne

Take a trip to Brantôme and visit the Benedcitine Abbey complete with troglodyte caves.

Brantôme Abbey has history back to the 8th century, it has been rebuilt and restored over the centuries with the latest incarnation being built in the late 19th century.

One of the more unusual features are the troglodyte caves located behind the abbey which used to be inhabited by monks.

The village of Brantôme itself is picture perfect. As well as the Abbey there is an old stone bridge spanning the Dronne river, lovely parks and gardens and traditional Perigord houses.

Opening hours and entrance fees for Brantôme Abbey



Abbaye Saint-Pierre et Saint-Sicaire, 14 Boulevard Charlemagne, 24310 Brantôme

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