Minerve, Hérault, Languedoc-Roussillon

Medieval Minerve

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Officially one of the most beautiful villages in France.

The unspoilt medieval village of Minerve is definitely one to add to your list of days out if you are on holiday in the Hérault region.

Minerve is a lovely Languedoc village situated on a rocky outcrop in a valley between Carcassonne and Béziers.

A historical Cathar village, it is a picturesque village with a lovely man made stone bridge as well as two natural tunnels carved out by rivers which kids will love to explore.

Walk up to the large catapult overlooking the village, which is a reproduction of one used during a seige against the Cathars in the 13th century.

There are several restaurants to choose from in Minerve. We recommend La Table des Troubadours which has a lovely outside terrace and a very reasonable lunchtime dish of the day.

There is a large car park just outside the village (parking in the village itself is not possible).

Make sure you pick up a couple of bottles of local Minerve red wine to take back to your villa to enjoy.

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Medieval Minerve

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