Océanile water park


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More than 13 water park attractions for the whole family to enjoy

Deep inside the heart of Noirmoutier Island is located a unique Waterpark: Océanile.

The crystalline water is warmed to 28 degrees celsius offering a perfect temperature for fun and happiness!

The adventure is waiting for you in every curve. Let yourself be transported by the rhythm of each attraction from the slow motion river to the rubber ring fall and the light 'Tube'. Let the waves carry you, and your leave your merriment overflow in the middle of cascades, geysers or in a whirlpool bath. And do not forget to get shaked inside the torrent before taking a sun bath.

This journey will give you a shot of emotions and strong sensations.

Tel: 02 51 35 91 35

Océanile water park

Océanile water park

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Water slide

Water slide

Water slide

Water slide

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