10 dessert ideas to make during lockdown

10 dessert ideas to make during lockdown

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French pastry is a tradition when it comes to pleasing friends or family by bringing a sweet touch to the end of a meal.

We are all in lock-down and we have time to spare, so why not do some cooking and taste some great desserts. Discover our favourite 10 dessert / pastry ideas.

1) Traditional Meringues

Light pastry, it is very easy to make with only two ingredients: egg whites mixed with sugar.

2) Macarons

For the more motivated, the macarons derived from the meringue are a mixture of cake made with crushed almonds, icing sugar, sugar and snow whites. 

Add several drops of food colouring in the preparation to give them the color that you want.

3) Bakery style croissants

Pastry to be enjoyed in the morning for breakfast, accompanied by a coffee or a hot chocolate.

They are traditionally purchased from bakery, in this period, it is difficult to buy them, that's why its the perfect time to learn how to make them yourself.

4) French toast

Do you have extra bread, don't really appreciate the waste and you don’t know what to do with it?

Take the opportunity to prepare a breakfast or a snack in 5 minutes!

Milk, eggs and slices of stale bread, and you'll have nice pains perdus… for the more greedy add a little bit of sugar or jam spread. A real delight!

5) Crêpes

Buckwheat harvested in Brittany in the 13th century made it possible to create Bretonnes cakes, or with a finer dough, the sweet crêpe.

Crêpes can be found in several variants, across several nationalities. Easy and fast to make, you will delight more than one person.

6) Crème brûlée

Very easy to make, and delicious. Crème brûlée consists of egg yolk, sugar, cream and vanilla.

7) Apple pie

With beautiful apples take the opportunity to make a pie with a homemade shortcrust pastry.

8) Custard tart

Made on the base of shortcrust pastry, presented and a vanilla bean for a naturally sweet taste on the palate.

9) The traditional fondant au chocolat

We can't miss the traditional fondant chocolat for the greediest.

The chocolate semi-cooked or the cake with a creamy heart, differentiated by the cooking time.

10) Hot chocolate with marshmallows

The weather is bad, you want to make yourself or your children happy with a tasty snack and very fast to make… Prepare a hot chocolate and add small marshmallows.

And for the greediest, why not add a touch of homemade chantilly.

Preparing a dessert, a snack, or breakfast will never have been easier... meringues, macarons, croissants, crèmes brulées and much more…

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Custard tart

Custard tart

Apple pie

Apple pie

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