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1083 Jeans; made in France

1083 jeans, made in France



Why 1083?

In 2013, Thomas and Grégoire Huriez created 1083, a brand of eco-designed jeans and shoes made in France. "Traditional" jeans travel up to 65,000 km during their manufacture. 1083 is the distance between the two most distant cities in France. The objective of 1083 is to make jeans and to relocate within 1083km from our home. Objective met, the company has created more than 150 jobs.

An ecological approach

Manufacturing in France is already an ecological approach in order to reduce the planet's footprint. When designing jeans, one of the last steps is fading. This technique is polluting (use of chlorine, potassium permanganate, or sandblasting) and requires a large quantity of water. 1083 has chosen to wash its jeans with the Jeanologia laser, which allows for the most ecological washing (saving up to 95% of water compared to the traditional process, 50% reduction of chemicals and 79% of energy).

The collections

Discover the collections for men and women, in jeans and shoes: www.1083.fr



Book; 'Re-Made In France' by David Huriez

 Thomas Huriez book


This book, Re-Made in France by Thomas Huriez, is both testimony and a source of inspiration for those who want to undertake, or quite simply consume, while respecting people and the environment. Enriched by the contributions of entrepreneurs and experts involved in this new economy, this book provides proof that one can create 1 million jobs in France by producing and consuming locally. Extract from the 1083.fr website

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