Holidays in September

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08 September 2022  |  Pure France

6 good reasons to take a vacation in September

The school holidays are over, far from the influx of tourists that one can encounter during the holidays in the middle of July and August.

Pure France offers a wide choice of properties with private pools for rent in September.

Let's find together the good reasons to go on vacation in September:

1) Being on vacation when everyone is back to work

En septembre, c'est la rentrée pour tout le monde. Pendant que certain stresseront de leurs semaine, vous vous préoccuperez simplement de ce que votre programme de vacances.

2) Holidays are cheaper

No more high season, plane tickets and rentals are sometimes cheaper than high season. Perfect to treat yourself for your holidays!

3) Far from the tourist mass

The children are in school, the parents have returned to work. In September the holidays are calmer and more pleasant.

You can fully enjoy the most beautiful beaches in France without worrying about the tourist mass.

Or simply discover very touristic places in summer but not in September.

Holidays in September

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4) The beautiful days still present

No more days of heat waves where it is impossible to go out. In September the days are milder and more pleasant for walking around but also enjoying the swimming pool.

5) A break in September

The month of September is often very busy, this will allow you to take a break to attack again in top form.

6) Your private heated swimming pool

Some private pools with Pure France are heated, which will allow you to swim and continue working on your tan without getting cold.

Discover our properties for rent with Pure France to take full advantage of your month of September.

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