Massif des Albères

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A getaway in the Albères

Located in the Eastern Pyrenees, on the Spanish border, the Albères massif offers a beautiful, serene escape to travelers seeking tranquility in the heart of nature. In the middle of the Mediterranean and Pyrenees, this little-known gem is full of attractions and unusual places just waiting to be discovered.

The nature of the Albères

The Albères region is a paradise for those who love nature and outdoor time. Discover varied landscapes, with steep mountains and the sea nearby. The hiking trails offer panoramic views and hidden wonders, waterfalls, ancient ruins.

A cultural history

The Albères region is steeped in history but also culture, with picturesque villages dotted with century-old stone houses, offering a glimpse of the region's rich heritage. Explore cobbled streets, with artisan shops, charming cafes, don't miss visiting historical sites such as medieval castles, ancient chapels.

Albères gastronomy

Taste the culinary delights of the Albères with traditional Catalan cuisine to fresh Mediterranean seafood, the gastronomy of the region. You can enjoy ancestral recipes prepared with love in the sun, accompanied by robust wines that reflect the region's terroir.


The Albères offer opportunities to recharge your batteries and take the time to walk on the beautiful beaches, caressed by beautiful waves, or you will enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun while relaxing on golden sandy beaches. If you wish, you can also enjoy a relaxing session in a luxurious SPA for a moment of well-being.

The most beautiful villages of Albères


Famous for its colorful and flowery houses, its pretty picturesque little port and its artistic atmosphere, Collioure is a must in the Albères. You can also discover the royal castle, the Madeloc tower, Fort St Elmes by taking a short hike.


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Renowned for its modern art museum and its shaded terraces, Céret is a charming village nestled in the heart of the mountains. You can also admire the Château d'Aubiry, built from 1892, it is surrounded by vineyards, cherry trees and park, it offers an exceptional natural setting.


Perched on a hill, Laroque-des-Albères offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The medieval streets are pleasant for strolling and discovering the Romanesque church. In addition, for hiking enthusiasts, several trails leave the village to cross the wooded hills.


Dominated by the Albères massif, Sorède is a peaceful village with stone houses typical of the region. Stroll through its exotic garden, discover its 17th century church and enjoy exceptional panoramas over the Roussillon plain and the Mediterranean Sea.


Nestled at the foot of the Néoulos peak, Villelongue-dels-Monts is a haven of peace surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Admire its 12th century Romanesque church, explore the hiking trails through the vineyards. Enjoy the tranquility of this preserved village.

Around the Albères Massif

Port-Vendres, Cap Béar:

Port Vendres


A hike starting from the Port-Vendres jetty leads to the Cap Béar coastal path to reach the classified site of Anse de Paulilles. Port-Vendres seduces for its authenticity and its Mediterranean atmosphere. Stroll along the bustling quays, enjoy seafood at one of the local restaurants and explore the pretty secluded coves accessible from the port.

Cap Béar-Pyrénées Orientales

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Madeloc Tower, Massane Tower:

Tour Madeloc

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You can go to the top of these two towers to gain some height and observe the coastline and the surrounding nature.

Tour de la massane

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Small village known as the capital of glassblowing; discover the local glassblowers and this extraordinary profession. (Jorge Mateus, the Glass Effect, Susanna Fonseré, Glass and Table, Palais des Verriers, Atelier de Bohème...)


Known for its natural sweet wine and its wild coves, Banyuls-sur-mer is a coastal village. If you wish, you can visit its cooperative cellar, taste its famous wines, and enjoy the preserved beaches for swimming and diving. A few kilometers away you will find the town of Perpignan, with many restaurants and shopping enthusiasts with its stores.

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