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15 July 2022  |  Tourism

A getaway to Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez, the most famous coastal town on the Côte d'Azur. Appreciated by tourists, the city with its beaches, restaurants, yachts and nightlife.

For a day or getaway, Saint-Tropez is very popular, you can stroll through the alleys, enjoy the shops, a stopover to discover its nature, discover a sport or enjoy a festive evening.

The luxury of discovering a region, an exceptional heritage while taking advantage of the beautiful beaches, spas, restaurants and shops.

The events:

A wide range of events spread over the whole year from photography, painting or sculpture exhibitions, the choice is yours!

Find the whole program so you don't miss anything, directly on the website

Saint-Tropez Ville

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Villa Golfe de Saint-Tropez

All our holiday villas are with private swimming pools will offer you a fabulous holiday experience on the French Riviera. Region known all over the world.

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