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09 February 2022  |  Culture

A selection of French films for St Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, the Pure France team offers a great selection of French romance films to watch.

37°2 in the Morning, Jean-Jacques Beineix

Cursed resigned writer, Zorg, in his thirties, consumes his time between odd jobs and tequila rapido on the beaches of Aude, when Betty, a young and wild creature on the edge of the abyss, arrives in his life. At 20, the absolute Betty is unlike any other. After reading Zorg's manuscripts, she decrees that her man is the greatest writer of his generation. And those who doubt it have better watch out. Soon, Betty's crises follow one another, while Zorg tries to preserve their love caught up in madness...

A heart in winter, Claude Sautet

The expansive Maxime plays his violin with an iron fist with his lifelong friend, Stéphane, a rather solitary master craftsman. One day, the wealthy owner falls madly in love with a violinist, Camille. But when they are about to move in together, against all odds, Stéphane comes out of his den and decides to seduce the young woman, to the chagrin of his best friend.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Jacques Demi

Madame Emery and her daughter Geneviève run an umbrella shop. The young woman is in love with Guy, a mechanic. But he leaves for the war in Algeria. Pregnant and pushed by her mother, Geneviève marries Roland, a wealthy jeweler.

The Wild Reeds, André Téchiné

In 1962, in the middle of the Algerian war, while the OAS attacks are multiplying, the intrusion of an exiled pied-noir boy will upset the peaceful life of the high school boarding school where he is welcomed.

A Man and a Woman, Claude Lelouch

A script-girl inconsolable since the death of her stuntman husband, meets a car racer in Deauville whose wife has committed suicide out of despair. They love each other, repel each other, find each other and still love each other.

I Love You Neither, Serge Gainsbourg

The loves of a homosexual and a young woman looking like an adolescent, troubled and destroyed by the jealousy of another man.

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