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01 February 2023  |  Tourism, Nature

Aigues Morte and its pink saltworks

Where does the name Tiges-Mortes come from, Aigues comes from the Occitan "Aigas" which means "water", moreover the city is located in the heart of the marshes, either stagnant water, "dead" water. A fisherman's and salt worker's village, protected by Charlemagne's Matafère tower, it was in 1240 that the town was exempted from taxes and duties. More than 15,000 people flock from all over the coast to enjoy this town.

The pink salt marshes, emblem of the Camargue

Dunaliella Salina grows in medium salinity environments and is composed of orange beta carotene which gives the pink color of marshes which usually are not.

The color stands out depending on the explosion in the sun and depends on the height from which one looks at it which intensifies the color.

All for a stunning color show!

Visit of the salt marshes for 2 hours, at the foot of the large salt dunes. Details and tickets for the visit can be found here:

The period period to go there:

Even if it is difficult to predict when this phenomenon will take place, between June and July remains the best time to observe the phenomenon with better conditions.

What weather?

The salt marshes will have a more pronounced pink when the sun is beating down on them. It is better to have too much sun than none at all.

Around the salt marshes

If you do not want to take tickets to visit the salt marshes, you can also visit the surroundings of the Camargue. Just follow the small paths offering exceptional views of nature. The Petite Camargue and the Gard coast are full of sumptuous landscapes, in particular the Grau du Roi.

Le Grau du Roi

Most pleasant and cute port in the region with pleasure boats and small local bars. Discover the pink salt marshes and the surrounding area for a suspended moment.

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