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14 July 2022  |  Tourism

Argeles-sur-Mer, Racou Beach

Destination the Pyrénées-Orientales. Argeleès-sur-Mer is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, its promenade at the port or along the beautiful imposing houses facing the sea. But there is a lost place where time is suspended. A dead end street. A street of small shops parallel to the beach. This is the Racou beach in Argeles-sur-Mer, or "the nook" in Catalan. It is a typical place along the Mediterranean coast.

The mythical houses

Le Racou


The sandy houses, separated by green and colorful alleys. Inaccessible by car, it is a real paradise. Ideal for strolling and strolling with your feet in the sand.

Le Racou


These houses were originally fishermen's houses. Well-kept little treasures, they are rarely for sale. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the summers of the 1950s, a joyful proximity, an art of living and enjoying the summer with ease. These houses call for lunches with friends or family on their terraces, reading on a deck chair after a swim in the sea.

Beach between sand and rocks

The Pyrenees flow into the Mediterranean and Racou beach ranks among the most beautiful beaches in France. Between rocky coast and sandy coast, Le Racou satisfies everyone, whether it is sunbathers, or the most suitable for mask-snorkeling.

Le Racou


Unique point of view

Put on your sneakers and take the coastal path for a sunny stroll. You will have an overview and a view of Argeles-sur-Mer.

Le Racou


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