06 October 2021  |  Holidays

Autumn Is Here !

Autumn marks the end of summer, temperatures drop and the days get shorter. In order to break the routine, why not take advantage of the little pleasures offered by the beautiful Autumn season. Here are some ideas to occupy your weekends and holidays.

Get ready for Halloween

October 31st is Halloween, so take the opportunity to decorate the exterior of your house to welcome the children looking for candy.

Read a book

Warm at home, take the time to read a book, or finish the book you haven't finished yet.

Automn is coming

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Go to the theater or the cinema

Take the opportunity to go and see a play or a concert. Or, a movie at the cinema - James Bond, perhaps ?

Automn is coming

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Take a walk in the heart of nature

Red, orange, yellow ... Admire the beautiful colours that nature offers us in autumn. In the middle of the forest, you can even find mushrooms and chestnuts.

Automn is coming

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Autumn cooking

Soups, raclettes, cakes, fried mushrooms picked the day before ... This is the period that we adore so much and which offer us magnificent flavours to explore. So get to your stoves!

Automn is coming

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Le Manoir de Vergt

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Le Manoir de Vergt

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