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05 February 2024  |  Tourism

Barjols, timeless charm of a Provençal village

Nestled in the heart of Provence, between mountains and green valleys, lies a picturesque village that captures the imagination with its timeless charm and medieval streets: Barjols. This hidden pearl in the South of France offers much more than breathtaking landscapes, it offers an immersion in the history, culture and natural beauty of the region.

A journey through time

Barjols, was once known as "Tivoli" during Roman times, a rich history dating back centuries. As evidenced by the surrounding caves, its origins date back to prehistoric times which were inhabited by our ancestors. Over the centuries, the village evolved to become a thriving artistic and craft centre, notably thanks to its numerous fountains and mills which fueled its economic development.

The architecture of Barjols

Walking through the streets of Barjols is a bit like taking a trip back in time. You will discover stone houses with colorful shutters, squares shaded by century-old plane trees and gently singing fountains that tell the story of the village. Also the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, dating from the 18th century, stands proudly in the heart of Barjols, testifying to its religious and architectural heritage.

The hidden treasures of Barjols make this village captivating. Curious visitors will be able to discover the old oil and flour mills that dot the surrounding countryside, recalling the time when industrial activity was flourishing. Troglodyte caves, once used as dwellings, also offer a fascinating experience for modern explorers.

Cultural and artistic life

Barjols is also a home for artists and artisans. The village hosts cultural and artistic events that celebrate creativity in all its forms. From art exhibitions to open-air concerts to traditional music festivals, there is always something to discover in Barjols.

Local artisans also continue ancient traditions by working with wood, ceramics, metal and other materials to create unique pieces of Provence. Visitors can explore the workshops and craft shops located in the heart of the village, where each object tells a story and bears the imprint of its creator's passion.

Surrounding nature

Barjols wouldn't be complete without exploring the surrounding natural landscapes. Hiking trails wind through forested hills, offering spectacular panoramic views of the Provençal countryside. Outdoor enthusiasts can cool off in the clear waters of the rivers and waterfalls that criss cross the region, or venture into the wild gorges that invite adventure.

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