Brantôme Abbey caves


25 March 2021  |  Tourism

Brantôme Abbey caves

Following in the footsteps of the hermits who had converted the Fontaine du Roche to Christianity, the monks occupied the caves of Brantôme Abbey in the cliff, and had arranged them to serve as a reserve or refuge when the buildings of the abbey were destroyed. destroyed. Visit the washhouse, the dovecote, the mysterious Grotto of the Last Judgment and its bas-reliefs as well as the Miraculous Fountain of the Rock known by many for its miraculous virtues. Take the self-guided tour of the caves of Brantôme Abbey and read the panels that tell the story and the links with Brantôme Abbey. Complete your visit to the caves by visiting its museum.

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1) The caves of the Fernand Desmoulin abbey and museum

Independently following the 34 explanatory panels, or accompanied by a guide, the troglodyte remains of the monastery, the first places of life of the monks carved into the rock, the grotto of the "last judgement", the Saint-Sicaire fountain venerated for its miraculous virtues, as well as the museum dedicated to the great spiritualist artist Fernand Desmoulin.

Duration of the visit: 45 minutes - 1 hour. 1 hour 15 minutes (guided tour).

2) The cloister, the abbey church and the bell tower

With a guide, you will discover some of the buildings of the abbey, in particular the chapter house where the monastic community met. Duration of the visit: 1 hour 15 minutes. Please note: 130 steps to reach the top of the bell tower. Visit limited to 18 people. Variable hours depending on the celebration of religious services.

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