Pont d'Arc

19 August 2021  |  Sports and leisure, Holidays

Canoeing on the Ardeche River, Vallon Pont d'Arc

Vallon-Pont-d'Arc is a village in southern France’s Ardèche department. It’s a gateway to the Ardèche Gorges, where the Ardèche River has carved a dramatic canyon through a limestone plateau.

The river lends itself to all levels of canoeing and kayaking and offers fabulous views for those enjoying a short of longer trek along the river.

The village is named after the Pont d’Arc, a huge, natural rock arch which is hugely popular for canoeists.

Pont d'arc

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Canoes Service offers daily treks of 7km, 13km, 24km and multi-day treks of 30km, 37km and 56km.

The following equipment is provided;

Boats, well suited to the river, are equipped with two jackets (buoyancy aid) and paddles.

Waterproof container provided, 55 liters if well used (equivalent to a big bag of hiking):

1 container for one day descent.

2 containers for 2 days trip.

Canoes service

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Pont Darc

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