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03 April 2021  |  Holidays, Tourism

Caunes-Minervois - a traditional Languedoc village

Caunes-Minervois is a small village located in Aude in Occitanie.

A typical historic village that traverses time. With its medieval streets, its red marble quarries, its AOC wine and outdoor activities. In a calm and tranquil location, a few minutes from the City of Carcassonne. Enjoy the heart of the village or the hikes in the surrounding countryside.

Marble Village

Due to its particular geological situation, there is an important presence of different marbles. With five quarries in all, including, crimson marble, pink marble veined with white.


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This marble was loved by the the Romans and used by medieval sculptors. Caunes marble is showcased in remarkable royal or imperial monuments from Louis XIV to Napoleon III. For example - Fontainebleau, Versailles, Marly, the Louvre, the Invalides, the Carrousel, the Opera. Marble provides the village with international fame and a very important economic activity asit is exported throughout France and abroad.

Domaine Notre-Dame-du-Cros

Located northeast of the village, you will find the small church of Notre-Dame-du-Cros. Hikes and walks around the Hermitage of Cros, picnic, climbing spots, or simple relaxation.


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A great place for climbers of all levels. More information here:


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Great for all ages - the gorges, the spring, the marble quarries are all elements that make Notre-Dame-Du-Cros a great plaxce to visit.

The Abbey of Caunes-Minervois

The buildings now house comic strip exhibitions, in partnership with the Brussels Comic Strip.

In the Minervois

The Minervois is a land of contrast with varied colors, vegetation and culture. It was a land of medieval battles which resisted wars and crusades. Today, the Minervois has been able to enrich its identity and become a territory of diversity.

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