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07 January 2022  |  Fashion

Chanel, a company made in France

Chanel is a French company specializing in haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumes and various luxury products.

The history of Chanel

The story begins in 1883 with the birth of Gabrielle Chanel.

In 1910, the one we now call COCO, opened a hat shop under the Chanel Modes brand. Worn by the great French actresses of the time, the hats contribute to its reputation.

10 years later, the first Chanel n° 5 perfume was launched, born from the meeting between Gabrielle Chanel and perfumer Ernest Beaux.


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Fashion - clothing

Discover the schedule of future parades:

Fine jewelry

Discover the signature collections of Chanel, the feather, the fringe, the ribbon, the sun and the stars.

Perfume, make-up and care

A large selection of perfumes for women and men, as well as cosmetics with various make-up (eyes, mouths, nails and accessories). And finally care.


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Glasses and accessories

Optical glasses, sophisticated details collection, luminous night, Chain Bijou, discover the selections of optical glasses.


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