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05 January 2024  |  Tourism

Château de Montsoreau - Museum of Contemporary Art

The Château de Monstoreau - Museum of Contemporary Art houses the world's largest collection of works from the Art and Language movement. It is located in the Loire Valley, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, in Maine-et-Loire in the town of Montsoreau between Angers and Tours.

History of the Château de Monstoreau

Overlooking the Loire, the Château de Montsoreau was built on the 11th century remains of the Monte Sorello castrum, mentioned in a document from 1089. At the beginning of the 11th century, the lordship of Montsoreau was a strategic and military point as well as a grant located on the river.


The construction of the castle took around ten years, it was a colossal project: 5000 m3 of tuffeau stone, 400 quintals of lead, 92,000 cut stones, 1000 trees to make the framework.

Contemporary art collection

The museum presents a collection of contemporary art works, highlighting French and international artists. Exhibitions and installations vary over time, providing visitors with a dynamic artistic experience.

Events and programs

The museum often organizes events, conferences, and educational programs for the public, helping to enliven the region's cultural scene. It offers visitors an immersive experience where architectural history meets contemporary creativity. If you have the opportunity to pass by the castle during your stay in the Loire, it can be a pleasant destination for lovers of art and history.

Unesco World Heritage

The Loire Valley, where the Château de Montsoreau is located, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the exceptional concentration of castles, towns and cultural landscapes. The Château de Montsoreau is therefore both a historic site and a cultural place which bears witness to the history and architecture of the Loire Valley region.

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