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08 April 2021  |  Tourism

Château de Najac, the Royal fortress of Najac

Discover the huge fortress nestled above the Gorges de l'Aveyron. Located 200 meters above the Aveyron, at the top of the hill of Najac, the Château de Najac, also called 'the royal fortress of Najac', was built in 1253 by the inhabitants of the village. The greatest length of the castle is 40 meters, with 4 towers and one square-shaped. The castle is one of 23 castles on the famous Route des Seigneurs du Rouergue, a tourist route. The Château de Najac has been listed as a historical monument since 1925.

Stroll through the village

  • While strolling in the village you will find: the church Saint-Jean the Evangelist characteristic of southern Gothic.

  • The Saint-Barthélémy chapel transformed into a dwelling.

  • The Porte de la Pique, fortified entrance.

  • The Governor's House

  • The house of the Seneschal

  • The Fountain of the Consuls

  • Place du Barry

  • The Saint Blaise bridge

Najac, strategic stake of the Counts of Toulouse

The Fortress of Najac, famous in the South West was built to defend Rouergue when the Counts of Toulouse chose Najac as the capital of Bas Rouergue.

Najac became the main defense line position along the Aveyron when it made the first fortress built.

It is today the main street of the village, worthy of a cinema shot, the visit is worth the detour, all you have to do is go up the street to the castle. You will be impressed by the high walls and arrow slits of more than 6 meters. Including the dungeon where you can admire the view and its panorama over the wild gorges of the Aveyron.

From the war to today

After the Hundred Years War, the royal fortress served as a prison until the Revolution when the Templars were locked up there.

Sold as national property, it is partially exploited in a stone quarry. It was bought in 1906 by Alfred Cibiel and today belongs to the same family.

The fortress of Najac is today the most visited private historical monument in the Midi-Pyrénnées region.

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