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16 December 2021  |  Culture, Tourism

Château des Milandes et Josephine Baker

On November 30, 2021, Joséphine Baker was interned in the Pantheon in Paris.

A look back at the life of the famous singer, dancer and magazine leader, who moved from 1947 to 1964 in the Dordogne to Château des Milandes, 16km from Sarlat la Canéda.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker - Girdle of Bananas


Josephine Baker arrived in France in 1925.

One day I realized that I lived in a country where I was afraid of being black. It was a country reserved for whites. There was no room for black people. I was suffocating in the United States. A lot of us left, not because we wanted to, but because we couldn't take it anymore… I felt liberated in Paris

Josephine Baker

She became French in after having married in 1937 Jean Lion, a sugar broker.

Josephine Baker - 1948

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When the Second World War broke out Josephine became a counter-esponniage agent and joined the secret services of Free France in 1940.

She transmitted messages to the allies using her musical scores.

Josephine Baker and the Château des Milandes

Josephine Baker Château des Milandes

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Josephine Baker in Les Milandes

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In 1937 Joséphine rented the Château des Milandes. 10 years later, she has the opportunity to acquire it.

She lives there with her husband and children and did lot of work there.

In 1964, Joséphine, in debt, could no longer keep the Château and an auction was announced.

Brigitte Bardot intervened and organized a call for donations. Many personalities and strangers responded.

But in 1968, the Château was put up for auction again and finally sold for a mouthful of bread.

Grace of Monaco welcomes Joséphine and her children who settle din Roque Brune.

Le Château des Milandes - visites

You can visit the Château des Milandes and have lunch at its brewery.

More information on their website:

Château des Milandes


Château des Milandes gardens

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