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23 April 2024  |  Tourism, Architecture


An architectural heritage:

Located in the heart of the beautiful Pays de la Loire region, Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne is a town that exudes history, culture and natural beauty. Witness to the turbulent history of the region, it offers a fascinating testimony to the military architecture of the time. The cobbled streets and half-timbered houses add to the town's picturesque charm.

A captivating medieval past

Strolling through the cobbled streets of Château-Gontier, you are immediately transported to a bygone era. The city's medieval heritage is omnipresent, with its beautifully preserved historic buildings. The Château de Château-Gontier, dating from the Middle Ages, stands proudly in the heart of the city, offering a fascinating insight into medieval architecture. Additionally, the Notre-Dame des Ursulines church, with its striking Gothic arches, bears witness to the cultural and spiritual richness of the region.

The Museum of Art and History:

Installed in a magnificent mansion, it exhibits unique artists. And then if you are looking for a final argument, to convince the children, remember that Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne is home to the largest calf fair on the continent. Picturesque you might say, but we come from far away to attend.

A preserved nature

In addition to its rich historical heritage, Château-Gontier also offers a spectacular natural setting to explore. The banks of the Mayenne invite peaceful walks along its shaded banks, nature lovers can enjoy the walking trails or cycle paths that wind through the surrounding countryside. While the hiking trails wind through lush green landscapes dotted with rolling fields and picturesque villages. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the water activities offered on the river, such as canoeing and fishing, while cyclists can explore the region's many cycling routes.

Public gardens:

Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne is also notable for its public gardens.

Medieval Garden of the Source, the garden of scents, the garden of trials, the garden at the end of the world: In these gardens you can discover varieties of perennial plants, fragrant flowers, century-old trees. A true haven of peace for a moment.

Colourful markets and colourful festivities

Every week, the streets of Château-Gontier come alive with the colors and flavors of its local markets. Stalls overflowing with fresh produce, artisan cheeses and regional delights attract locals and visitors eager to discover the gastronomic treasures of Mayenne. Additionally, the city celebrates a multitude of festivals and cultural events throughout the year, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in local life and share moments of joy and conviviality with locals. .

To visit around Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne

Domaine de Trotte, Abbaye de la Coudre, Château de Goue, Medieval Garden Lassay-les-Châteaux, so many places to visit around Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne.

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