Chateau Montmelas

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18 April 2024  |  Architecture

Château Montmelas, treasure in Beaujolais

Château Montmelas in the Beaujolais vineyards bears witness to the turbulent history of the region. Let's dive into the corridors of this medieval castle with its unique history and impressive architecture with timeless charm.

A little history

Today, the Château de Montmelas is a private property, managed by the descendants of the Count and Countess Henri d'Harcourt, whose passion is to bring this magnificent French estate, witness to a rich and fascinating history to life. All of the buildings and gardens were listed as historic monuments on June 29, 2000. This includes the French garden as well as the castle enclosure, the castle, the outbuildings, the towers, the porches, the chapel and the courtyards, the castle courtyard, the vatage and the pantheon.

Imposing architecture

As we approach the castle we are immediately struck by its imposing architecture with beautiful slender towers, thick stone walls and the moat which recall a bygone era when security was paramount.

Montmelas Chateau

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A dive into history

As you explore the interior of the castle, you are transported to a time when knights defended their lords with loyalty and bravery. The ornate rooms, gleaming armour and historic murals bring the past to life, allowing visitors to relive the glorious and sometimes dark moments of the castle's history.

Elegant gardens

In addition to its remarkable architecture, Château de Montmelas is also home to elegant gardens where visitors can stroll and relax. Colorful flower beds, shaded paths and fountains whisper secrets of the past, providing a peaceful contrast to the majesty of the castle itself. In addition to its remarkable architecture, Montmelas Castle is also home to elegant gardens where visitors can stroll and relax. Colorful flower beds, shaded paths and fountains.

The wines of the Marquis de Montmelas

Discover 5 centuries of family tradition, you will have the privilege of visiting the production site and tasting the different wines offered. It is in the heart of the magnificent vatage, built in 1842, that you will discover the profession. You will learn more about working the vines and making wines with the discovery of the production site. Visits all year round by appointment accessible to children aged 7 and over.

Duration of the circuit: 1 hour 30 minutes

Visit the website. Discover the different wines

Marquis de Montmelas wines offer diverse aromatic palettes, all marked by our terroir. Vinified with respect for tradition, they reflect all the friendliness and smiles of the region's inhabitants.

A unique experience

The castle was extensively remodeled over the centuries and notably in the 19th century, after 1828, by Louis Dupasquier, a contemporary Lyon architect of Viollet-le-Duc, who was inspired by a 17th century drawing.

Whether for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts or nature lovers, a visit to the Château de Montmelas is an unforgettable experience. It is a dive into the past, a journey through time that leaves a lasting imprint on the souls of those lucky enough to discover it.

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