Château de Villandry

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18 January 2023  |  Tourism

Château Villandry, the magical gardens!

It is the last of the great Renaissance castles of the Loire Valley and is renowned for its magical gardens. It was at the time doomed to be destroyed, Joachim Carvallo bought the castle at the beginning of the 20th century and created five gardens in the spirit of the Renaissance. The gardens consist of nine squares with flowers and vegetables that change with the seasons, and offer different color schemes! The ornamental garden is divided into two rooms with the first called the gardens of Love, which forms 4 squares of boxwood each representing a different love. You will also discover the water garden whose central basin in the shape of a Louis XV mirror aspires to calm and tranquility. The Simple garden brings together medicinal and aromatic plants, and the labyrinth maze will amuse young and old alike.

Last garden in 2008

The last garden to see the light of day was created in 2008 to celebrate Joachim Carvallo's ambitious project. This is the Jardin Soleil, located on the highest terrace of the castle.

Open every day of the year

You can visit the castle every day of the year. Find the ticket office online:

Avant-garde architecture

Château Villandry has avant-garde architecture. In 1532 Jean Breton, secretary of finance to François I, acquired a medieval fortress with new Renaissance architectural techniques. Jean Breton undertook major works to bring Château Villandry into modernity.

Château de Villandry

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