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27 November 2021  |  Culture

Christmas carols, Long live the wind by Dalida

Christmas carols are a must during this period. Between melancholy and joy, Christmas carols are part of the holiday season tradition.

Vive le Vent was originally an American Jingle Bells song written and composed by James Lord Pierpont in 1857.

Success is global. It was not until 1948 that Francis Blanche took over the melody, Jingle Bells then became Vive le vent.

Along the long path
Everything is white as snow
An old man advances
With his cane in his hand
And high above the wind
Which whistles in the branches
Blows on him some romance
That he sang as a small child, oh :


Long live the wind, long live the wind
Long live the winter wind
That goes whistling, breathing
Between the big fir trees
Oh! long live time, long live time
Long live the wintertime
A snowball and a day of the year
And happy year grand-ma!

Merry, Merry Christmas
To the thousands of candles
Which sing towards the sky
The bells of the night.
Oh long live the wind, long live the wind
Long live the winter wind
Which brings old children
Their memories of yesteryear, oh

And the old man
Goes down towards the village
It's the time where everything is good
And the shadow dances by the fire
But in every house
There's a festive spirit in the air
Everywhere the table is ready
And the same song can be heard, oh


Snowball and new year's day And happy new year grand-ma! Long live the winter wind. Paroles de Vive le vent

We share with you the version interpreted by Dalida, famous French singer.

And you, what is your favorite Christmas carol?

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