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27 December 2023  |  Events

Cornouaille Festival, Brittany

The Cornouaille Festival is one of the major cultural events in Brittany, this event takes place every year in Quimper in July Let's find out a little more information and traditions about this festival: Cornouaille today concerns nearly four generations of festival-goers. Marked by its roots in a region, a city and the culture which it has created over the decades, an unmissable event in summer in Brittany. The festival has become a symbol: its history and its evolution are linked to those of Brittany and the Breton people. With the professionalisation of the structure in recent years, other annual operations have seen the light of day: Talents on stage... these are lasting and become essential events in Breton cultural life. Actions in the direction of musical research, new artistic forms, future talents or even artist residencies, are all achievements which underline the vitality of the structure on a regional cultural level.

Discovering Brittany

Established in the historic heart of Quimper since 1923, the Cornouaille Festival is a unique opportunity to discover, in a festival environment, our plural, current culture open to the world.

The festival celebrated its 100th anniversary with:

  • 150,000 visitors over 4 days of celebration

  • 150 events and concerts

  • 1.000 volunteers

  • 60 corporate sponsors and partners

  • 2,000 ringers and dancers

Cornwall Festival, character

  • First Breton culture festival

  • Young talents and established artists

  • Festival-goers of all generations

  • A friendly, family and festive event

Promotion of Breton culture

The Cornouaille festival aims to promote and celebrate Breton culture in all its forms, highlighting the music, dance, language, crafts, traditional costumes and gastronomy of the region.

Traditional parades and costumes

Parades are organized featuring colorful and detailed traditional Breton costumes. This offers visitors an immersion in the aesthetics and sartorial history of Brittany.

Breton market

A traditional Breton market is often present where you can discover a variety of local, artisanal products and gastronomic specialties from the region.

Animation and workshops

The festival also offers numerous activities and workshops allowing participants to discover and actively participate in various aspects of Breton culture. This may include craft demonstrations, dance classes, Breton cooking workshops.

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